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Advanced Energy Solutions for High-Efficiency and Cost Savings

Lightfoot Energy Solutions is a turnkey provider and developer of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems. With our main focus being on efficiencies, we develop projects from inception to commission and ultimately long-term service of our systems. This includes accurate feasibility analysis, engineering, design/build of systems, installation, startup/commissioning, and operation/maintenance. Packaging our own systems is a tremendous benefit to our customers as we know the intricacies of all the components and controls.

Our objective is to provide successful and efficient projects that lend to sustainability, reliability, and most important, long-term savings. Our CHP or co-generation systems are IC (internal combustion) engines that primarily run on natural gas or biogas, and with the price of natural gas being low for the near future, co-generation is a very attractive form of distributed generation, or on-site power. And with the cost of grid power continually rising, being able to cut your energy costs and fix them in at a lower rate is a very sensible solution.

CHP systems provide on-site generation of electrical and/or mechanical power and utilize waste heat recovery systems for heating, cooling, dehumidification, domestic hot water, and process applications. CHP is best suited for facilities with a continuous heating and/or chilling and electrical load. This includes hotels, hospitals, data centers, waste water treatment plants, college campuses, feed lots, cold storage, fitness centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Lightfoot Energy Solutions can also provide an ESA (energy services agreement), whereby the end user will incur ZERO capital outlay. In this case, we would own the system and sell power to the client at a reduced rate from that of the utility.

As a provider of high efficiency energy solutions, Lightfoot Energy supports environmental responsibility and helps our customers reduce their carbon footprint. Call us today for a free, honest review of your energy usage and potential savings: (925) 382-4640. Or contact us by email:

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